Oosterscheldekering, The Netherlands

The Oosterscheldekering is a 9-kilometre road link in Zeeland and forms part of the Delta Works in the Netherlands. Molenaar Betonindustrie made a major contribution to the project with its well-known concrete spacers.

With a total of 65 pillars, from 30 to 40 metres high, this project required an enormous amount of concrete. The pillars are mostly made of concrete but are hollow inside. We had good partners: Rijkswaterstaat was the customer and Ballast Nedam HBG the builder. We supplied in-situ concrete and spacer bars (100-120 mm) for the construction. Every two days, a truck with 30 tonnes of concrete and concrete products drove to the barrier, making this project a huge undertaking. The quantities were such that we even had to invest in heavier machinery to increase production. In this way, we were able to continue supplying our products.

It was a fantastic contract: close to home, and a project in which we were the exclusive supplier of concrete products. We were awarded this contract thanks to the quality of our spacers, the favourable location, and our reputation. And it paid off: it was a successful project that everyone looks back on with great satisfaction.


The Oosterscheldekering was completed in 1986 and symbolically ‘closed’ by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

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