At Molenaar Betonindustrie, we produce the highest-quality concrete spacers according to the highest standards. Almost all our products have KOMO certification. This means that our spacers meet the requirements of BRL 2817 Cement-Bonded Spacers and the environmental hygiene specification regarding the emission values of the Soil Quality Decree



KOMO product certificate K23195, Cement-Bonded Spacers
NL BSB product certificate K20539, Precast Concrete Elements.
Preconditions for concrete mix design

To meet the requirements of spacers in all specific cases, we produce our products in various strengths and environmental classes. Upon request, for each concrete family, we can provide quality reports with test results, concrete properties, and product information.


  • In-situ concrete                              C45/55     X0(NL), XC4(NL), XD3(NL), XF4(NL), XA3(NL)
  • In-situ concrete                              C60/75     X0(NL), XC4(NL), XD3(NL), XF4(NL), XA3(NL)
  • In-situ concrete with PP fibre        C50/60     X0(NL), XC4(NL), XD3(NL), XF4(NL), XA3(NL)
  • Earth-moist concrete              C35/45     X0(NL), XC1(NL)


The spacers can be produced in the type of concrete of your choice, such as coloured concrete or concrete with special additives or other types of cement.

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