Wienerwaldtunnel, Austria

Trains have been passing through the Wienerwald Tunnel near Vienna since 9 December 2012. The railway tunnel has a length of 13.5 kilometres and connects Vienna with St. Pölten. Molenaar Betonindustrie played an important role in its construction, thanks to the Trio spacer.


The high-speed train runs through the Wienerwald Tunnel at about 250 km/h. This tunnel was constructed to provide a good railway connection. PORR drilled the tunnel with the help of the TBM. Behind the mega tunnel drill, a robot covered the tunnel wall with concrete elements. In this way, the tunnel was constructed ring by ring, using precast elements. A total of 9,552 rings were needed, having six elements per ring. In total, about 57,000 precast concrete elements were used, for which Molenaar Betonindustrie supplied the concrete spacers. This was a great contract involving about 5 million spacers!

The biggest challenge was the round shape of the tunnel and therefore also the curved elements. For this reason, we supplied MoClip Trios with a stable tripod.


After a project of almost six years, the Wienerwald Tunnel was successfully completed.

MABA Betonelementen
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