Trio® with Wire Concrete Spacer

The Trio® is a stable spacer that is nearly invisible after casting. The three small feet make the spacer extremely stable on all surfaces, they also ensure that they are nearly invisible. The precision-engineered curves ensure that concrete can flow under the Trio® spacer to produce a smooth result. The Trio® spacer is often used in the production of lining elements and other round forms.  
These concrete spacers with wire are fixed on the rebar with a galvanized steel wire. On request available with long wires (≥ 130mm).

Tip: Place the spacers in a bucket of water before using. Wet spacers improve concrete bonding.


Artikle number Cover in mm Weight per bag Pieces per bag
110030 30 21,02 kg 288
110035 35 20,04 kg 216
110040 40 19,91 kg 180
110045 45 19,01 kg 144
110050 50 22,58 kg 144
110055 55 19,68 kg 108
110060 60 21,84 kg 108
110065 65 22,24 kg 108
110070 70 18,13 kg 72

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